I think Biden is very hard of hearing.

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I keep asking but get no answers - why are we letting the Chinese build an EV factory in Michigan. There was enough complaining when they were going to build in Mexico and bring in cheap EV's. Who wants one anyway - not us rural folks!

Why are we letting Canadian Solar build a solar panel factory in Mesquite?

Why do they own a lithium mine in the US?

The Chinese are beating us with our own free market system, our own landowner rights policies, our free and open society, and they are bringing it down!

Pretty soon they will own all our parks and wildlife refuges, then conservation easements and then the air we breath and the water we use! Our Natural Assets. Hope that doesn't get pushed through the SEC again quietly before the election.

Will Biden use up the rest of our oil reserves before the election to drive prices down? Has he ever replenished it fully?

What is coming is not pretty and so many just don't see it - maybe they are better off than those of us who do!

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