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Solar and wind only hire workers for construction - once that is done - (1-1/2 to 2 years) there are only a couple of people needed to watch over it and run you off from traveling the roads close by. The manufacturing side will take a while to get set up and hire people in the US, but I feel that those jobs will just be assembly lines putting together parts from other countries. So the bs about green jobs just doesn't translate to the real world. We are giving so much to get so little in return. The Texas Ch 313 cost the state about $650,000 for each job created for renewables (2019 figures) and about July 2022 there were about 312 projects (Jensen figures) - well that's only 624 jobs after construction is over (2 people per project)! Those figures are much worse now after the run on the program chasing tax breaks before it ended. Our tax dollars are tied up from now until 2050 for that little give away! That's sure not a good return on investment!

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Why the heck don’t they get this? THAT is the question.

IS it deliberate?

Are they insane and/or delusional?

It is so glaringly logical with even the most basic level of intelligence to see that all they are doing creates such unnecessary hardship and is doomed to end in disaster, when we have all the energy we could ever need to be prosperous and secure beyond our imagination right under our feet!

Seriously, what is it that is truly motivating these people to quite literally deny reality?

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