The devastation heaped upon all of Africa by the West over decades upon decades is beyond diabolical.

While they strip them of all their vast natural resources, they handcuff them into signing onto corrupt “green” policies so that they are unable to use those natural resources for their own benefit to lift themselves out of their dark ages into thriving, developed nations. We steal all they have, use their children for slave labor, and make sure they are kept beholden to our “benevolence”. The continent of Africa is a microcosm for all the evils of Western greed, corruption and malfeasance.

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Interesting article - I have been looking for prototype of a renewable, self sustainable city, island, or any community - and have not been able to find one. This is the exact opposite of what I am looking for, but shows us how a modern society with innovation, and low cost energy has moved out of poverty and illness, which seems to plague the poor.

You can now see the propaganda at every turn, every phrase and it is seeping into our culture at an alarming rate. My friends are getting sick of me asking them to "just stop and think about what they just said", but how else do we combat it?

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